Central in Clara Duflos work are women pictured without a face or expression, anonymous, symbolizing the often tensed position of women in society. In her own words, they are fleeing from a place, away from something. Utilizing a broad selection of vivid colors and a great deal of movement, her paintings leave a visually dynamic impression on any observer.

Born in Grenoble, Clara moved to Brussels seven years ago to pursue a masters degree in graphic design at the Belgian art school La Cambre. Although she produces most of her work on canvas and paper, her biggest passion are murals, the bigger the better.




C12, Zinnema, Les Super Filles du Tram


2019 – The Story behind the freshly paintened wall in C11, C12
2020 – Beautiful and crazy people are my constant source of inspiration, Subbacultcha
2020 – He(art) II – Subbacultcha

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